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Charden Wood spends her busy days and nights writing fresh new erotica to keep your sexual appetite stimulated.  This blog is posted to periodically, in an effort to keep Charden's growing number of fans up to date on new releases, discounts, bargain bundles and news about upcoming publications.  Please feel free to provide your comments.

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SexeBooks Blog for Erotica Lovers

Posted by Charden Wood on May 2, 2013 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Charden Wood Newest Release:  "SEX SNAKS"  3 Short Erotic Adult Stories   Contains New Titles:

Feel Her Up at the Barstow Stop, also Tasting Miss Goldie’s Goodies, and Rub Me Up Rub Me Down 


SexeBooks Blog for Erotica Lovers

SexeBooks is the new Wordpress blog that I recently launched to discuss and promote sexy books written by new and emerging authors. Charden Wood ebooks are available on every page of the blog.  Visitors can also discover sexy adult stories written by other talented erotica authors. 

My posting to the Charden Wood blog that you are currently reading will discontinue until further notice.  This will enable me to focus all my efforts towards the success of SexeBooks.  Unlike this blog that I created specifically to promote and expose my own adult fiction titles, my SexeBooks blog is dedicated to discussing every thing sexy, when it comes to books.  In addition to finding lots of popular erotica titles to purchase, read and review; expect to find interesting discussions about the erotica authors themselves. 

Do you like reading hot and popular sex ebooks, but find the habit to be costly?  On my SexeBooks blog, you have access to lots of free epub ebooks, bargain bundles and other discounted selections.  There is also plenty of information about writing ebook reviews and receiving free gift copies of erotic ebooks. 

Although I will continue providing erotica reviews for the website, I plan to make reviews for the SexeBooks blog my first priority. That means, visitors can count on receiving regular reviews, comments,and updates about their favorite erotica authors and titles. 

Another all important aspect of the SexeBooks blog is the available support for new sexy book authors. The blog offers useful tips no matter what type of erotica you write.  It doesn’t even matter what format your newly published titles are in, you will find beneficial tips and advice to help you write and sell more books.  

If you have been following my Charden Wood blog and the postings here , I encourage you to continue doing so, by visiting me on my SexeBooks blog site.  As always, I would appreciate any comments and feedback that anyone would like to share.

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Ttfn – Charden Wood




Writing Smut: Confessions of a New Erotica Author

Posted by Charden Wood on April 16, 2013 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I’m a new erotica author that is slowly starting to build a strong fan base, but I must confess, writing smut sometimes causes an inner conflict.  Once upon a time, I was a very religious person, although currently, I don’t follow any structured religion.  Whenever I’m faced with filling out a form, a survey or any other situation that requires my religious affiliation, I instinctively select the space that says:  “Christian”.  I don’t do this to be hypocritical, I do it because that is the answer that best describes my spiritual belief.  Some people may feel that I shouldn't call myself a Christian if I write erotica; and sometimes I even tell myself that, but then I own up to some harsh realities about myself, and I sit at my computer and get back to writing.


Smut Writing is what it is

Erotica, erotic tales, adult stories; no matter how you dress the words up, it still comes down to writing smut.  If you’re a new erotica ebook author like myself, you may as well grow some thick skin and learn how to call a spade a spade.  Smut writing is what it is!  


When I was a religious person, I understood the word Christian to mean “Christ-like” or to follow and behave in a Christ-like manner.  Anyone who has read my writing, knows that Charden Wood ebooks are not the kind of thing that a true “Christian” should be writing.  That thought enters my mind, every time a new title or erotic story starts to develop in my head. 

I’ve learned how to stop myself from agonizing over the sins of my torrid story writing.  I simply concentrate on all the other non-Christ-like things that I do (or don’t do) in my life.  My slow descent from being a good or true Christian started long before I began writing erotica.  In fact, I’ve even managed to discontinue a lot of my previous worldly ways because now I’m too busy staying home writing smut!   


Hundreds of thousands of people (maybe more) refer to themselves as “Christians” when it comes to their religious beliefs, but how many of them ever really and truly give thought to the meaning of the word?  How many Christians are among the readers of erotica, erotic romance, adult stories, paranormal romance, and all the other controversial genres?  What about all the murder and mayhem adult ebooks; who are the authors and readers of these non-Christ-like works?  In reality, most people who refer to themselves as Christians are breaking the rules about what the word means, every single day, all day.  Reading, or even writing erotica (smut)  is rarely the beginning or end of the matter.


Why Write Erotica

I’ve only been writing erotica for less than a year, however, I’ve been a serious online writer for years, and been paid to write tons of non-fiction articles.  With the influx of new and emerging ebook authors, writing and publishing an ebook seemed like the next logical step in my writing career.  Like many other new indie authors, I choose to start writing erotica because of the potential monetary rewards.  After writing and publishing over a dozen ebooks, I’ve found that I’m in it for more than just the money.  I enjoy the freedom of expressing my creative imagination without worrying about judgment and scrutiny.  


Writing under a pen name, and eventually creating a new persona can be more liberating than anyone could ever imagine, especially if you’re writing erotica.  I’ve heard how women in the sex industry have indicated the sense of power that they feel in their unconventional roles.  I confess, that as an erotica author, I feel a similar sense of power.  My writing is limitless when it comes to the characters, settings, themes and plots that I am at liberty to develop.  The same liberties cannot be taken when it comes to writing facts and details involved with non-fiction articles.  Only fiction writing allows you to inject your true level of creativity.  But even if you write non-erotic fiction, I doubt that it provides the same type of liberation that comes from expressing your sexual imagination.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the dates on my blog posts, and know that I’m not very consistent when it comes to posting.  I spend a lot of hours working on the ebooks I write, writing reviews for the website I contribute to, not to mention handling secular work and pursuits (non-internet related).  I don’t spend a lot of time writing blog posts, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take the time to write a post about what I feel is important.  The issues discussed here were done in order to make new erotica ebook authors think about the mental challenges that sometimes gets in the way of the writing.  This is not to dictate to anyone else what their conscious should decide or be comfortable with.  This is only to let other erotica ebook authors know that they are not alone when it comes to inner conflicts about writing erotica, especially if you’re a Christian.

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Charden Wood and the Bacardi Series Listed on Amazon

Posted by Charden Wood on January 29, 2013 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Charden Wood and the Bacardi Series are now getting much wider distribution now that we're listed here on Amazon: so make sure to pay a visit to the author page.  If you're a new erotica ebook writer like myself, make sure you pay attention to the following New Author Tip and learn the benefit of Kindle Direct Publishing and

New Author Tip

Speaking for myself, I find Kindle and Amazon to be a new author's dream when it comes to helping get ebook exposure.  I published my first eBook on Smashwords (First Taste of Bacardi) and I also read and promote other Smashwords' authors, so I'm not belittling them by any means.  But I received 2 ebook sales within 24 hours of becoming associated with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and their affiliate,  That may not sound like many sales to some of you authors who have been selling your ebooks for several months or more.  But for a new and emerging author like myself, it really gets you excited! 

You'll be estatic about just 1 ebook sell after having learned the hardest lesson there is to know about publishing.  That lesson is:  "Writing a good (or even a great) ebook is only part of what you'll need to make any money and succed."  A big part of the whole "get paid writing ebooks" industry involves marketing and making people know you exist - a whole hell-of-alot of both!!!  That is why I encourage all new authors who are just getting their feet wet to make sure they sign up with the popular ebook distributors that can help you make and establish your name and writing style.  Just like everything in life, the last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket. 

Look for Charden Wood

I invite readers to look for Charden Wood erotic ebook publications at the following online sites and distributors.  I appreciate receiving sales from a diverse number of outlets, being as it helps to increase exposure.  You can find me by visiting these links:  (YAY ME!)

Don't forget to click the RSS button below or grab this link if you want to keep up with this blog.  I'll try my best to make sure there is at least one thing worth reporting when you visit :-)

Charden Wood on Kindle Readers

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Charden Wood eBooks are available on Kindle Readers for fans of the Bacardi Series and other Charden Wood erotica eBooks. While you can also read any of my eBooks in various digital and online formats, Kindle Readers seem to be among the most popular.  On my Smashwords portfolio of titles, you will find different formats including:  Epub, PDF,RTF, LRF, Palm Doc(PDB) and Plain Text (view or downloadable).

Yesterday, I joined as a good way to promote my Charden Wood website and ultimately the Bacardi Series and all the other ebooks in the Charden Wood collection.  I was happy to also find out about:  Goodkindles- kindle book reviews, ebook reviews as another source for potential erotica readers.  As a new erotic eBook author, I'm only beginning to realize how much additional effort is necessary to truly promote and sell your eBook.  To all you erotica writers, if you thought getting the book written was the hard part, think again!  Marketing and promotion is a bitch!  Hopefully things will get easier, the more well known my name becomes, as well as my book series and individual erotica titles.  I truly welcome your reviews, comments and other feedback.


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Charden Wood Just Spreading the News

Posted by Charden Wood on January 23, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings Everyone,

I'm happy to be taking a little time out (finally) to put together a website and blog so any fans and followers have a way to contact me and share their thoughts.  I have to be honest, I'm terrible when it comes to operating a consistent blog.  I've been there and done that a number of times, for a number of good causes, all much loftier than to publicize what many people view as pure smut (Yes - I realize that not everyone is thrilled to read about sizzling stories like Bacardi and Anna, the lusty lesbos from the Bacardi Series). 

My problem with blogs is that they often take so much concentration and devotion to set up and post to regularly, not to mention all the SEO bullshit that is involved in running a successful blog.  All that stuff manages to get in the way of what I really want to say.  And then, there is the issue of the actual time it takes to write good blog posts.  That cuts into my writing time - time I could be devoted to creating more dirty little characters for my readers to get excited about!

So don't be too shocked if I go a few days, or possibly weeks, in posting here.  You can still feel free to send me your correspondences and I'll be all too thrilled to answer them all, eventually.  Until then, be sure to check out the home page, and when in doubt about a particular publication, just vist my author page at: